Multiple Award-Winning professional with over 18 years’ experience in visual design, photo and video production, creative strategy and branding.

Oussama Benbila came to the art world through a mixed interest in science and design. While studying electronics, he discovered a fascination for design details and was constantly seeking a logical approach in the elements that constitute them. Driven by his new passion, Oussama struck out on his own after two years of engineering major in college.

After years of self-teaching and exploration, Oussama became an autodidact, award-winning graphic designer and art director while maintaining his interest in photography. Talent, intellectual curiosity and technical perfection are words that have characterized Oussama’s work for the past eleven years. Clients of all sizes from public and private sectors have been seeking his collaboration for their differing needs in imagery. His portfolio ranges from commercial campaigns to action photography and fine art prints. Minimalist yet bold photographs and designs have become Oussama’s signature. His images are captivating, evocative and inspiring.

When it comes to photography, Oussama is driven by the power of the instant, where he is able to both tell the whole story and portray all the decadence and richness of a moment with a sensible and lucid perspective. Everyday scenes inspire him, as do abstract concepts.



Recognition Prize at the Animal & Environment International Film Festival (FIFALE)
Photo exhibition “Ferrouj Attitude” at Mohammed V national theater International

1ST Prize winner of UNESCO Maghreb’s photo contest
Topic “Biosphere reserve” for the UN’s 10th anniversary of education on sustainable development.

1ST Prize winner of WEB D’OR
Architect Category

1ST Prize winner of UNESCO’s logo contest
Topic “Biosphere reserve” logo awarded amongst 110 participants.